Let's work together to challenge the notion of 'impossible'.

With our diverse background and skillset, we are able to support your organization in shifting it’s culture. Whether that is learning and incorporating trauma-responsive care, or building a more inclusive workforce, the Soul Bird team is able to support your growth with a diverse method of modalities and trainings.

Trauma Responsive Care and Integrated Community Building

The cornerstone of Soul Bird is the understanding that nothing has the power to heal like safe and supportive relationships. In this video series, Soul Bird Founder Sarah Buffie and her colleague and mentor Mary Vicario expand on that understanding through the practices developed through The Resilience Model.


Meet the team! Learn more about our mission, background, and training and consulting modalities.

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Learn with us

Sarah will be a featured presenter at the Sixth Annual Trauma-Informed Care Summit on May 14, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.

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Learn more about Sarah’s offerings as a Core Facilitator at The Hive in Cincinnati.

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