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Our Work

We believe that healing happens in relationship.

People who have experienced trauma have a hard time connecting in relationships. Our training offers ways of being and things to do to support people on their healing journey. We do this by starting with each person in the room and helping to bring your learning from the classroom into your home/agency/organization.


With our diverse background and skill set, we are able to support your organization in shifting its culture. Whether that is learning and incorporating trauma-responsive care, or building a more inclusive workforce, the Soul Bird team is able to support your growth with a diverse method of modalities and trainings.

Our work includes:

  • Hands on approaches to educate, empower and energize

  • Honor and value the work of direct care providers for clients and communities

  • Conduct asset mapping and trauma mapping for clients

  • Working Towards Equity: Consensus Building Workshops

  • Affinity group facilitation

  • Understanding Personal Bias Training

  • Provide practical and actionable approaches for schools facing the effects of trauma in the classroom setting

  • Support leadership in developing organizational practices that improve staff retention and decrease burnout.

  • Make knowledge accessible and get to the heart of 'what's next' for clients.

  • Share easily adaptable self-care practices.

  • Breaking Down Organizational Bias

  • Identifying Blind Spots for Consumer/Client Relationships

  • Leadership Training- Building Authentic Inclusive Workspaces


At Soul Bird, we seek to spread awareness about how trauma affects the brain and body, and teach effective interventions for developing resilience.


Our Team


Sarah Buffie

Sarah Buffie MSW, LSW, founding director of Soul Bird Consulting believes that nothing has the power to heal like supportive relationships. Specializing in trauma responsive care, she helps organizations and individuals disrupt current models of thinking by building empathy and understanding around the effects of trauma.

Sarah has worked in community organizing- specifically, Asset Based Community Development, for over a decade and has a deep passion for her work. Her focus is to spread awareness about how trauma affects the brain and body, and teach effective approaches for developing resilience within the people organizations strive to serve, and the people closest to the work: caregivers and direct providers.

Sarah received her Masters in Social Work from Northern Kentucky University with a focus in trauma, positive psychology, and mindfulness. With years working closely in her Cincinnati community through her Americorps service as well as abroad with her Peace Corps service in Namibia, Africa, Sarah brings a unique community building lens to her work.


Luna Malbroux

As an experienced facilitator, educator and authority on creating inclusive spaces, I am able to adaptively support organizations and individuals who are hungry to explore personal and organizational biases. With a background in using empathy and personal narrative to help build consensus, I am eager to guide your organization in building more authentic inclusivity to cater to the needs of staff and clients.

  • Masters in Clinical Social Work and International Welfare from Columbia University

  • Advanced training from Race Forward

  • Former Director of Education for Anti-Defamation League Central Pacific Region (Northern CA, UT, HI)

  • Over 10 years of experience, serving clients such as the YMCA, Girls Who Code and the University of Pacific

  • Featured speaker on race relations at colleges, universities and conferences


C. Danae Riggs

C. Danae Riggs, joined the Soul Bird Consulting team in 2018, and couldn't be more passionate about the mission. Danae brings 20 years of non-profit experience to her leadership with a purpose-driven focus to love and live in a way that promotes equity, justice, empathy, forgiveness and wholehearted healing.

Danae has a background in program development, implementation and management, with a key focus on advancing, and educating leaders in their own fields through education and training, as well as her favorite component of transformational and balanced living — coaching. As a life coach, facilitator, doula, direct care-giver and more, she brings a fierce love, and compassion to all she is, and all she encounters. Among her proudest work is growing an AmeriCorps program, Public Allies Cincinnati, in the early 2000's, leading the creation of the Ohio Center for Progressive Leadership, working one-on-one with people from diverse backgrounds and varying abilities as well as being a mom.


Ready to explore how you can improve your organization’s trauma competency and resiliency? We're ready to listen.